Letter from president

With the fast growing market and the tremendously increasing need for prompt and excellent deliverables, competitive rates and geographical extension, we have made the step of merging Clinfo1t and Clinpharm to allow better direct contact and services to our customers…

  •  Clinfo1t had already positioned itself as the top healthcare information management and technology services provider in the Middle East and Africa with customers all over the globe.
  •  Success criteria based on: quality, compliance to international standards, targeted expertise.
  •  Services provided: SMO (Site Management Organization), Data Management & Statistics, Medical Writing, Pharmacovigilance & Regulatory
  •  Parallel, Clinpharm had made similar itinerary in the sector of Drugs and Laboratory logistics Management and Patient Support in the Middle East and Africa with customers all over the globe and with same success criteria

 Both serving Pharma/Biotechs/KOLs/Institutions and CROs, with total impartiality, respect of confidentiality and full transparency with above success criteria, their merge is  expected to allow their growth 7 fold by 2021 based on our realistically enthusiastic business plan.

 We believe in our team and assets built on our values and expertise We value our customers trust We cherish our mission of taking the region to a higher level of healthcare performance We commit to our social responsibility philosophy